MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A new product designed to help keep your home safe is being unveiled at the North Dakota state fair.

Watchdog Home Monitor is a sensor that can catch flooding in homes before it becomes a major problem.

Minot local and Watchdog owner Trey Welstad designed this product after his basement flooded without him realizing it.

The device will detect both water or if the temperature and humidity fall out of the customized range.

Once the device notices a change, you will be alerted by a text message, email, and an alarm.

“I’ve been a programmer since I was about 12 and I always wanted to make, kind of, a real-world product. So, I developed a little prototype to help detect water for the next time and thought, well, why don’t we see if, you know, we can make a little product out of this,” said Watchdog Devices Owner, Trey Welstad.

This product allows you to monitor your home whenever and wherever through Wi-Fi.