BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) – There is a new beer release at Laughing Sun Brewing Co., and you might recognize the face on the label.

“Well, Brandy does great work on the labels as always. But this one, yeah, American Gourdic, Troy Tibke, one of our lead brewers downtown at the brewery. This is the first in the brewery series that we’re doing. So we’re teaching, I’m teaching people how to make beer and how to develop recipes. And so this is the first one in that. And his idea for a smoked pumpkin stout seemed obviously fitting for this time of year. So his was the first in the lineup to do that. But Delane and Van both have a beer coming out. But yeah, his likeness is on the can. That’s his name. He came up with the idea. But pumpkins are smoked in our smoker, the pumpkin puree, then added in there, spiced in the puree in the smoker. And then we add it into the beer and actually into the bright tank at the end of fermentation to keep a little brighter. But yeah, kind of a 6% stout. Should be kind of fun. Tastes a little bit like a holiday.” said Mike Frohlich, Laughing Sun Brewing Co.

“It’s going to have a real light smoke flavor. Sometimes we smoke the malt in there, and that’ll get a little bit more into the smoke flavor. The pumpkin is just going to be lightly smoked. So you’re not going to get any overwhelming smoke on it, but you are going to get a light kind of nutmeg, cardamom, ginger kind of feel in there. So yeah.” said Frohlich.

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