BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s October, and the time for darker beers is here. Bismarck Brewing has released a small batch brew called Chester After Dark. This is a black IPA that is described as toasty, hoppy, and delicious that pairs well with a burger.

“An IPA is just going to be an assertive, aggressive hop flavor to it,” said Jordan from Bismarck Brewing. “Nowadays, you’ll have some juiciness with fruit flavors too. This one’s similar to that, it’s a little more on the bitter side and you get that from the black malt that adds the roasty notes. I’d say a hoppy scotch ale is what I would call this type of beer.”

So far Chester After Dark has sold well, so the local brewery is considering making it into a large batch that is regularly available.

Learn more about Bismarck Brewing here.