BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) Building a successful business is reliant on many factors, including those whom you get advice from. A good business banker can make a big difference.

“Our advice is to really build a relationship. So come in, have the tough conversations. Don’t be scared to have those. I know everyone likes to talk the positives and exciting stuff, but we’re really truly here to help you with the hard stuff,” said Micaela Ranisate, Business Banking Officer at Starion Bank.

Ranisate suggests you stop in whenever you have an idea to start a business.

“It’s best if you have an idea, it’s best to have someone in your pocket who is able to help you. Sometimes there’s tough conversations you need to have or don’t know. That’s where we help. We also have a million resources that can help you guys grow too.”

It’s a good idea to shop around to maximize your relationship with your business banker and not be afraid to ask the good and the bad questions.

“We’re here to help you guys. That’s kind of our mentality. I know sometimes people get scared and think they only need to come to us when they need money. We’re truly here to help and want you guys to grow.”

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