BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) When you are lifting your dog, kid, or even groceries out of your car or in your house, you know how important back strength is. There is a way to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in your back at InReach Physical Therapy.

InReach Physical Therapy has the only MedX machine in the state of North Dakota. The machine focuses on the small multifidus muscles rather than the larger paraspinal muscles. The MedX machine targets the multifidi and diagnosis where those muscles are weak. A computer readout shows the different postures that your back is weaker or stronger, but doing that the therapists can work on the problem areas to gain equal strength in all areas.

In Amber’s assessment, it was found that she had weakness in the middle range, or a stooped posture, that would be similar to leaning forward slightly for tasks like doing dishes or housework.

“The goal for us and the reason this is so cool, is we would strengthen you in that stooped posture,” Ryan Buchholz, Physical Therapist at InReach Physical Therapy.

After the diagnosis, the therapists get right into strengthening by having the patient move through the posture with weight added.

“The world doesn’t provide perfect lifting opportunities all the time. You have to flex and twist. We can help you before you get to the big occurrences in life and help you with the aches and pains as well,” added Buchholz.

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