Studio 701 is showcasing businesses that support our veterans, as part of Veterans Voices on KX News.
Nemont Communications is a local company that’s been doing business for over 70 years.

“We serve three different service areas. We’re based out of northeast Montana. That’s our cooperative area. We also have the area which we call Missouri Valley Communications, that’s based out of Williston. We also have a third service area which is Project Telephone, that’s down in south-central Montana.” said Gregg Hunter, PR & Marketing Specialist with Nemont Communications.

Nemont has shown support to veterans by way of donations, like one made toward the NE Montana Veterans Memorial.

“It’s really dear to our heart, and we like to see support for our veterans.”

Gregg Hunter also talks about the importance of providing a secure network to everyone, but especially veterans.

“Whereas our veterans protect, they continue to protect us, and our country from threats, the device that we have here that we’re talking about today, it’s a GigaSpire, a router that goes into your home network, and it protects with our advanced wifi-plus, it protects you against malicious websites, it also protects all of your devices that are connected on your home network. It prevents unauthorized access to your home wifi network, protects intrusions from video-hacking, quite a product, and something that’s well-needed, in all the stuff that’s going on right now with security threats through your internet, so definitely something to look at, but this GigaSpire provides an extra layer of protection with the advanced wifi-plus we offer at Nemont.” said Hunter.

Learn more about Nemont Communications online.