BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) If you receive a text from your bank, how do you know if it’s legitimate?

“We’re seeing a lot of text message scams, so the text message goes out posing as a financial institution. It comes with a link, once you click on that link, you are giving access to the fraudster to get fully into your phone,” said Julie Binstock from Bravera Bank. “A bank will never ask to click on an outside link. Never click on a link, unless you’re expecting a link. We do send text messages for fraud, but we will never make you click on anything.”

“Our text messages will have you verify a transaction and it will have text yes or text no,” added Ashley Frase.

If you happen to get a suspicious message and you do click on it, that person now has access to everything on your phone. Binstock recommends to combat this, do not go into your credit card or banking app, or anything financial because they are able to transfer money out of your accounts. Instead, you should turn your phone or device off and disconnect from WiFi or the internet. Then shut everything down and get those devices checked.

Bravera Bank offers ways to protect its customers. One of those is ID Theft Smart. This program monitors your credit and identity. Their online banking app can also be set up to send out alerts on debit card usage.

Learn more about Bravera Bank and the services they provide here.