BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) Corneal scratches, also known as corneal abrasions, are a common eye issue that people have. Symptoms include pain, the feeling of something in your eye, watery eyes, red eyes, and blurred vision.

“You feel like there’s something in it, you feel as though you have a hair or eyelash within your vision and you’re tearing persistently,” said Angelina Popovic, O.D. at Shopko Optical.

A corneal abrasion commonly happens from something falling into your eye like makeup, glitter, or airborne particles. It can also easily happen when putting in or taking out contact lenses. Wearing protective eyewear when working on projects that might cause dust to float in the air and being careful when doing anything near your eyes is the simplest prevention method.

If you happen to get a corneal abrasion, the typical reaction is to wash your eyes with water or use over-the-counter eye drops, but Popovic says that many times this is not the best route to take due to bacteria potentially causing bigger issues like infections. Instead, she suggests contacting your optometrist to get proper care.

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