MINOT, ND (KXNET) When it comes to appreciating different types of beer, there is a good rule to go by. At a craft brewery, you can usually find a drink that will surely satisfy anybody’s tastebuds.

Eric Johnson is the Head Brewer and Co-Owner at Atypcial Brewery & Barrelworks in Minot. He said that they keep a variety of beers on tap to satisfy all palates and preferences.

“Our London Fog is a very light beer. It’s a cream ale as a base, but then to make it a little more interesting, we’re putting some Earl Grey Tea in there, some vanilla in there. We find a lot of wine drinkers transition into beer drinkers through our fruited sour beers, especially the barrel-aged ones, which are very akin to wine. Or you’re a whiskey drinker and you like big, aggressive flavors. Maybe you jump right into something big and heavy like a stout or a dark beer that has those smokey, more robust flavors.”

Johnson adds that for many people, sour beers are the type that tend to take the longest to get used to. He said they recommend not judging a beer, such as a sour, by the first sip. Take three sips before deciding if you like the beer or not.

“The three sip rule…don’t judge it until the third sip because it will be a new experience on the first sip, but by the second and third sip, you sort of move on from that, you can sort of get past that initial shock of the sourness.”

Johnson concludes that beers are like art, in that they are subjective. What some people like, others won’t, and vice versa. It is all a personal preference.

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