BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) The oldest church in Bismarck is still active after 150 years. In 1873, the Presbyterian Mission Society sent two men to Bismarck, then considered one of the most “wicked” cities in the West. One of those men was Reverend Sloan. After getting off the train, Sloan saw that what he had heard about Bismarck was true. The city was filled with gambling, saloons, and all the trapping that come along with that lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of First Presbyterian Church

The day after he arrived, Reverend Sloan started meeting with local community members about starting a church. Many were on board with the idea and they began meeting in tents right next to the places that hosted gambling. After overhearing the worship and sermons, some of the gamblers eventually joined the church. Within about six months, enough money was raised to allow them to move into their first building. That first location is not far from the current location in downtown Bismarck.

Photo courtesy of First Presbyterian Church

On June 11, 2023 First Presbyterian Church will kick off its sesquicentennial celebrations with a presentation from the Bismarck Historical Society that will focus on the early history of Bismarck and the church’s part in that.

Then on June 17, 2023 they will be hosting their 150th anniversary celebration. The community event will include crafts, games, food, live music, historical displays, and more. All are welcome to attend the celebration.

For more information on First Presbyterian Church and its history, visit its website.