International Observe the Moon Night is on October 21. Gateway to Science along with Morton Mandan Public Library and Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library are teaming up to celebrate the day.

“This upcoming year, we are celebrating with both libraries because we have a special partnership with Morton Mandan Library and it’s called Mission to Mars and it’s a program through the Franklin Institute and NASA to bring awareness to Project Artemis, which is their upcoming Moon and Mars exploration mission,” said Hope Burdolsky, STEM Educator at Gateway to Science.

On October 21, community members are encouraged to go to Gateway to Science to participate in the free event, International Observe the Moon Night. There will be telescopes and other fun activities.

At our last event, last year at the library, that was the first time for me personally that I ever had seen the moon in close detail and if you haven’t seen it, it really is amazing to see the moon in all these fine little details.” said Traci Juhala, Head of Youth Services at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library.

Get more information about International Observe the Moon Night here.