NEW TOWN, ND (KXNET) A fun community gathering is happening this week. The MHA Interpretive Center in New Town will be hosting a free Community Gathering featuring The Bearhead Sisters at Northern Lights in New Town on Friday, October 20.

The event will include a meal, vendor booths, a chance to meet Interpretive Center staff, see what the center has to offer, and see live entertainment by the Bearhead Sisters along with local talent. The Bearhead Sisters are a Canadian music trio, who perform First Nations pow-wow music. They recently won the Traditional Indigenous Artist of the Year at this year’s Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy Award. The overall goal of the event is to bring the community together and create connections.

“This will be the Interpretive Center’s first time doing an event like this,” said Zane Baker, Collections Manager for MHA Interpretive Center. “We’re doing an event with a couple of opening acts. We want it to be a community event, so we invited all travel departments, we invited vendors, we invited everyone to come to Northern Lights, to come share a meal with us, and to come seek information that we have in our community.”

The MHA Interpretive Center is the “new kid on the block” in the New Town community. It isn’t just a museum or a coffee shop. It is much more.

“We’re kind of the central repository for the tribe. We seek artifacts, we seek cultural material goods, we do have a library, so we seek archival papers and even more than that we seek our stories. Within these histories, is basically who we are…our identity. Where we are at in this world.”

“Cultural preservation,” added Kylee Halvorson, Executive Assistant at MHA Interpretive Center.

The Community Gathering is a free event and open to the public. Learn more about the MHA Interpretive Center online. Follow the MHA Interpretive Center on Facebook and Instagram for updates.