BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) Bismarck State College is getting ready to premier the theater department’s Fall production. “Tiny Beautiful Things” is based on real letters from real people looking for advice and healing.

“My favorite piece of advice that Sugar gives in this play is that no is golden and that it’s the good kind of power,” said Kaitlin Collins, the actress who plays Sugar in the production.

“I knew there was something special here, and when I started researching it more, I discovered it’s special because 100% of the material in the play is real,” said Daniel Walstad, Director of “Tiny Beautiful Things”. “It’s all real letters from real people and real responses, all through this anonymous online blog called “Dear Sugar”. And because each letter is real, it becomes this very special, unique sort of responsibility for the actors and a really unique experience for the audience.”

Collins explains that in the play, letter writers write to Sugar and she answers them with advice based on her own experiences. Sugar isn’t a professional therapist, she is simply a regular person responding to another person.

“I think she does a really good job answering these to make it broad for everyone, but also just resonate with everybody,” added Collins.

“Tiny Beautiful Things” runs from October 19 through 22 in the Sidney J. Lee Auditorium on the campus of Bismarck State College.

You can buy advanced tickets for “Tiny Beautiful Things” here. Follow Bismarck State College Theater on Facebook for updates.