BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) Oktoberfest is known for brats, but have you tried all the different flavors of brats from 3Be Meats? The local butcher shop has about 30 “base flavors” that rotate through so that there are at least eight to 10 different flavors of brats on any given day. With most of their flavors, adding more toppings is fun and brings the best out of them.

A couple of flavors that Mack Ternes from 3Be Meats wants to highlight are the Pizza Brat and Philly Brat. Mack likes to saute peppers and onions with Philly Brats and then melt cheese on top of the brat. For the Pizza Brat, he adds pizza sauce, cheese, and olives on top.

“We try to have the Philly all the time, that’s definitely our number one, most popular brat,” said Ternes. “We sprinkle in our more exotic ones. When we first opened, we did a Gummy Bear Brat, we started doing a root beer one, the pizza one is always a hit, during Memorial Day, we’ll have a S’mores Brat out. Any kind of flavor combination that we can come up with, we’ll try it. We’ve only had a few flops that haven’t worked out.”

Visit 3Be Meats online for their menu, location, and hours.