BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) It may be getting cold, but you still want to be able to outrun Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and all of the other monsters. Staying in shape is something you can do while at home, even while watching TV.

“I am all about strength training, and progressive overload, which means challenging your muscles with heavy lifting, but I’m realistic…sometimes you can’t make it to the gym,” said Jenna Bernhardt, a local exercise and nutrition expert. “So I’ve actually developed quite a few workouts that I like to call Netflix and Sweat. I will watch Netflix while I work out. You can get a legit workout from your couch or your chair, your living room area. It worked wonders while my baby was napping.”

Bernhardt adds that the key is just getting started with a workout routine. You don’t need to start at a high level with weights and a gym membership. Gradually working with body weight and maybe a couple of dumbbells can do the trick to get you started on a fitness journey.

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