Rising temperatures during the summer season tend to have a direct correlation with an increase in insect and pest activity, and lets be honest nobody likes that!

In this week’s Home Improvement, brought to you by Arrow Service Team, we speak to a local expert and learn how to keep those unwanted guests out of our homes.

Jose Sanchez is the owner and operator of Unitech Pest Control in Bismarck. His team specializes in extermination, animal trapping and even bat removal. He says keeping your home clean and tidy inside and out will help in keeping pests away.

“You should check for cracks crevices, make sure you seal them and then if the problem gets out of control you can call an exterminator from around your area. When you start seeing bugs all over your counter tops, on your couches on your living room, in your bedroom it’s when you really have to call somebody. You can use over counter sprays but that’s just going to minimize the problem but really bugs are in between the property,” said Sanchez.

To learn more about the services Unitech Pest Control offers you can call Jose directly at 701-409-3227.
You can also take a look at some of company’s work by following them on Instagram their handle is @unitechpestcontrol