BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) In the cooler weather, you definitely want a solid roof. Storms and weather can wreak havoc on your roof and that’s where a company like Wegner Roofing and Solar can step in to help you navigate the process from making a claim to having a new roof installed.

“95% of what we do is actually insurance restoration,” said Rex Causey, Branch President of Wegner Roofing and Solar. “We help a lot of people work through those murky waters. We partner with the homeowner and the insurance company and make sure that everybody has the greatest roofing experience of their life, that’s our goal.”

Causey added that if you have damage to the siding, gutters, or trim along your house, your roof likely has damage too. If you notice any damage from the ground, he suggests calling a roofer to come check out the roof to see if there is also damage on the top of the house as well. Unless you are a professional and know what you are looking for, he doesn’t recommend crawling on top of your house to look for damage, leave that to a roofer and insurance adjuster.

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