BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) Every Halloween, you can pull out the same old decorations, or try something new with a new trend found on TikTok. The trend starts with taking an old picture or painting and adding something new to it. Many times this is done on art that is found in thrift stores.

“I thought it was so creative, especially taking things, repurposing them is something I like to do in my own home,” said local artist Jenna Inman. “Taking something that someone else loved at some point and making it into something that I can love and appreciate, is exactly what I’m doing.”

When doing this sort of project, Inman recommends starting by using a paint pen because it is more controlled. She recommends using acrylic paint and staying away from watercolors and oil-based paints because they tend to not last as long and they don’t always stick to the canvas you are painting over. In the case of creating a Halloween-style painting, and adding ghosts, Inman outlines the people in the painting with a white paint pen. If there are not people, drawing in ghosts anywhere is fine. She adds that using a brush can sometimes be easier, especially if the surface is larger.

When doing these types of art, don’t get discouraged. Inman says to trust the process and your intuition and know that you can always add more to the art.

“Just because it does not start exactly the way you wanted it to, doesn’t mean it’s at all ruined.”

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