MINOT, ND (KXNEWS) — During the holidays, we do more hosting, which means we spend more time in the kitchen. ln doing so, you may seem to notice the function or design isn’t working. Souris River Designs Designer, Gwen Szablewski, mainly helps clients figure out exactly what they want for the remodel of their kitchen, bathroom, or whole house. With their software program, they help clients visually see what their space will look like. During this, they can change colors or swap finishes.

“I find out what they are looking for first. And then I have them choose just a couple of products, and then we go from there, as far as adding to it and expanding the whole idea right down to it, from the flooring and the walls,” Szablewski says.

Souris River Designs has a project manager who works with the clients so the project runs smoothly. “It’s planned very methodically,” Szablewski says.

To check out their services for your home, head to their website or call them at 701-852-7605