BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) There are things that all homeowners should know and be aware of to keep their central air system safe and efficient.

“Your heating and cooling system is probably the most out-of-site, out-of-mind equipment you have in your house until something goes wrong,” said Shane Aleshire, Owner of Quick Fix Air Conditioning.

Aleshire adds that having a carbon monoxide detector is very important and crucial. Any fuel-burning device can produce carbon monoxide, but one of the main sources is your home’s furnace. An alert from a carbon monoxide detector not only lets you know there might be something wrong with your HVAC equipment, but it also warns of deadly gases being released into your home.

Ensuring you are always using clean filters in your furnace is important as well. The filter not only helps keep particles from floating around the air in your home but also helps keep the efficiency of your forced air system. Aleshire said that the most common service calls he goes on are due to a dirty filter.

Lastly, Aleshire says to check the condensation drains on your furnace and if there isn’t clean, clear drainage, your furnace is at risk of having water back up into it, which will cause bigger issues. You can either blow the drain hose or pipe out or use a vacuum to suck out anything that may be inside.

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