Learn more about the moms who make up our Minot Parent Panel. Here’s a fun fact: all three moms only have boys.

Dominique Snedeker is the newest member of our parent panel! Dominique is a mom to three boys, a military Veteran, military spouse, and author. Her latest book is called “Motherhood: The Crucible of Love.”
Amy Allender is a mother of two boys, military spouse, stay-at-home mom, and writer/blogger. Amy writes a weekly column for The Dakotan called, “She’s Not From Around Here.” She loves living in Minot and sharing about her activities with her children. Find her writing on her website. Follow her on Instagram at: @amy_allender
Jess Vasas is a mom to two boys, a military spouse, and the Minot local publisher for Macaroni KID. She loves connecting families with information about local events and activities. Find her writing by clicking here.