BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — Staying organized during the changing seasons can be a challenge. Our Parent Panel moms are here to offer some tips that have helped them reduce the clutter of their kids’ winter gear.

“We have baskets that we use, it’s a good excuse for me to use my label maker,” said April Wahl, mother of two. “In the morning when you’re trying to get out the door with two boys and a dog, there is a question of ‘Where are my gloves, where is my hat?’, ‘Did you look in your bin that is labeled with your name?’.”

“I have this clothes rack that I hang up their bibs and their coats and gloves,” said Adrienne Keller, mother of four. “I also have a boot tray. I have the kids put their snow boots on here right away so they’re not coming in and flushing all their wet boots and it keeps my mudroom very clean. Everything is in the garage for me.”

Sarah Kolberg showed off her contraption that she picked up that she puts her kids gloves and hats on to dry. This ingenious device holds gloves and hats and is made to sit on top of a heat vent. Amy Allendar said that she uses bins to organize her kids’ possessions to keep them from lying around in random places in the house. When the seasons change, she stores the summer stuff in the basement and puts out a different bin for winter gear. Allendar also says she recommends “having less” helps with organization. She likes to keep it to two sets of gloves and hats for everybody.

Do you have any organizing tips or hacks? Let us know!