BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) Packing up the kids for a trip can be overwhelming and stressful. Trying to keep things organized throughout the trip is key. The moms on our Parent Panel have a few tips that seem to help them and their families whenever they hit the road.

“We always pack a bag that has bedtime essentials for our kids in it,” said Amy Allendar.

“When I’m thinking about packing the tiny humans up, I think ‘What’s gonna be easiest? What’s gonna make my life easier, my husband’s life easier?’, so what I do is I use small bags or plastic ziplock bags and I will put the boys’ outfits, like ‘here’s your outfit for Monday, here’s your outfit for Tuesday,” said April Wahl. “That’s been really helpful. It’s relieved a lot of stress on all of us.”

“We use packing cubes like this,” said Adrienne Keller. “We are a family of six, so we have all six different colors, every kid has their own color. I have them labeled as well, for each kid.”

“I’m all about being efficient. You know when you get your big Disney merch bag…this becomes your dirty laudry bag,” added Wahl.

Even if you don’t have the color-coded bags or pre-picked outfits, thinking creatively, planning ahead, and organizing and staying organized as you go can alleviate a lot of stress during family trips.