BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) Whether you know how to ride a bike or not, it can be even more difficult to teach somebody how to do so. The first step in teaching how to ride a bike is to get the rider into a properly fit helmet. After that, there are some easy ways to get somebody going on two wheels, within minutes.

“Find a little downhill area that has some grass, you’re preparing for the crash, so it’s soft”, said Jairo Ramos, Service Manager at 701 Cycle and Sport. “Make sure the rider is reaching the ground with his two feet. Then let the rider go down (the hill) and don’t help them, don’t grab the seat. Have the rider open his legs and just go down. The second time ask him to put one foot on one pedal, the other on the ground. The third time, try two feet on the pedals. The next time have them turn right or left, by instinct he will go pedaling.”

Ramos added that he has done this method with riders of every age from children to adults and it works without fail…in five minutes!

At what age should people start learning to ride a bike on two wheels? Well, there are now Strider Balance bikes that are designed for children as young as two years old. Ramos said that these bikes are killing the training wheel industry because they don’t use them. They are simply small bikes with no pedals that children learn to balance, glide, and stay upright.

No matter the type of bike, teaching how to balance, stay upright, and be confident are the keys to riding a bike. Doing those things without training wheels will speed up the process of getting going on two wheels.

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