(KXNET) — Cornerstone Bank has been doing business in North Dakota since 1936. The bank has a mission to be more than just a place you go to for money, they are committed to helping their communities get stronger. The company is also one of our Hero Sponsors for the Inaugural CPABLE Kids Telethon.

“We value our role as neighbors and contributors,” said Kyler Swan, Business Banker with Cornerstone Bank. “Taking care of kids, in general, is hard work, when you add a condition like this on top of it, it can really strain the resources of a family. A lot of families in our area have to travel for specialty care, and we’re one of those families. Companies like this can help kids access the equipment that they need and improve their life are really important.”

“Our little guy, Leo, he’s got a condition called Lissencephaly, so he requires 24/7 care around the clock. I’ve been really fortunate that Cornerstone Bank has been very flexible with me. They allow us to go where we need to go and take the time that we need. Unfortunately, not every family has that luxury. However, we can assist these kids to have a better quality of life is important.”

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