BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — Connecting one local family with the program they never knew was an option. Shalee Huntley, Maran Blair, 4-year-old Keegan, and I sat down together just as the family learned about CPABLE. Huntley explained the initiatives of the non-profit, along with the qualifications.

“Pretty simple, you need to live in one of our qualifying counties, so Morton is qualifying, we’ve got Burleigh, Emmons, Grant, Kidder, Logan, “said Huntley.

She then went on to describe the eligible expenses CPABLE can cover.

Huntley says all expenses need to be within the year that you are applying for.

“Insurance copays, nontraditional therapies, adaptive equipment, and medical equipment related to the diagnosis, recreational adaptive equipment and opportunities, medical-related travel so if you’re traveling to see a specialist in the cities, there’s a peridium for food and then we’ll pay for lodging as well, home modifications up to 10 thousand dollars, those are limited to an every three year period, and vehicle modifications up to 10 thousand dollars as well,” said Huntley.

She says before applying — “We want you to exhaust other resources, before you come to us with your own insurance, Medicaid, anything else,” said Huntley.

After finding out Keegan does meet the requirements, mama Maran had some questions of her own.

“Medicaid only covers so much for food, would you cover the rest then after that?” asked Blair.

“Yes, we can reimburse that for Medicaid,” said Huntley.

“Do you only reimburse for only so many people? Usually, my parents come with, because my mom is respite, “asked Blair.

“We have a peridium so I believe you would just need to submit a receipt, “said Huntley.
Mama Maran says she is grateful for the new open door.

“I didn’t know about CPABLE at all until actually, you had told me about it. It was nice to find out about the organization and that they help reimburse different things that we need. I wish it was talked about more, like whoever know about these, even my case manager. It’s nice to know there’s something else out there, “said Blair.

Huntley says you need to be under the age of 21 on the date of your application to qualify for CPABLE and the onset of the condition has to have occurred before your 18th birthday.

CPABLE is not actually accepting any applications at this time, but plan to get the ball rolling in 2024.

Those who qualify will be able to expense necessities from the 2023 year.