We talked to Mel Robbins one-on-one ahead of Sept. 16 show premiere

The Mel Robbins Show

(NEXSTAR) — We’re welcoming a new face to our programming lineup. “The Mel Robbins Show” will air each weekday at noon starting Monday, Sept. 16.

Ahead of the premiere episode, Robbins sat down with us for a one-on-one interview to explain what the show means to her and why she thinks it will resonate with viewers the same way she’s been able to impact the lives of millions through her book ‘The 5 Second Rule,” global motivational speeches, and popular social media accounts. She says they’re so popular because they’re her real life–not a highlight reel.

“I’m using humor and relatability [on social media] as a way for you to think about your own life and relationships differently, and I’m constantly reminding you that your only job is to be you and to listen to your intuition and to speak from the heart,” Robbins elaborated about her social media presence.

Robbins says the show will be the same thing–no celebrities, no breaking news, no politics. The Mel Robbins Show will be about real people who are struggling with what Robbins calls “rock in the shoe” issues–issues that she says don’t necessarily require months of therapy, but rather can be solved with just a little extra help.

“Every day on ‘The Mel Robbins Show,’ you are going to see yourself at least once. You are going to laugh at least once, and you are also going to learn something every single day,” Robbins stated. “How can I say that? Because I learned something every single day that I can apply in my life.”

Mel says some of those “rock in the shoe” problems they’ll be tackling on the show include trying to form meaningful relationships with your kids or grandkids when their faces are always buried in their phones or starting an encore career in the current job climate.

“Life is overwhelming. You feel lonely. You don’t know how to do an encore career. You’re not quite sure how to deal with issues around parenting today. You’re struggling with addiction. You’re struggling with grief. You’re struggling to move on after divorce. I get it, and ‘The Mel Robbins Show’ is a show that’s going to help you navigate the things that life throws at you,” she elaborated.

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