Expectant Mothers can now reduce the chance of having a stillbirth


Count the Kicks, an app the health department launched, was developed with one thing in mind, to prevent stillbirths.

Scientific studies show that expectant moms should track their baby’s movements once a day in the third trimester and learn how long it normally takes their baby to get to 10 movements.

Health professionals say this is important since there are 62 stillborn babies each year in our state.

“This is an incorporation that started in Iowa and it was the 33rd highest state within five years with this campaign prevention program. They went to the lowest state of stillbirths. So, they approached the North Dakota Department of health in wanting to launch this in North Dakota and we accepted that,” said Sarah Massey, Infant & Child Program Director.

The app tracks fetal movement in the third trimester and they recommend picking a time when your baby is active.

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