It’s been just over two months since four North Dakotans were found dead at their workplace.

Mandan Police were able to make an arrest four days later, but it took more than one law enforcement agency to crack the case.

It was right around the corner from the McLean County Sheriff’s Department that the man charged with quadruple homicide in Mandan was arrested. The McLean County Sherriff’s Department was on scene to help bring Chad Isaak in.

MCSD Deputy Raymond Copeland shares, “And it’s like man, I was a part of something that I never thought I’d ever have to be a part of.”

Deputy Copeland says people tend to think things like this won’t happen in North Dakota, but when they do, that’s when these officers know why they chose to serve and protect.

Deputy Copeland says, “As a member of our tactical team, it’s kind of one of those events where you’re kind of not sure at that moment. And it’s after the fact where you have to process what really went down.”

It was a McLean County Detective that located Isaak’s white pickup truck that ultimately led to his arrest.

Lieutenant Rick Richard explains, “He was just in the right place and recognized some things that stood out as clues to him. It was a shock to our community and to our residents.”
Lieutenant Richard says the murders should not reflect poorly on the city of Washburn.

Lt. Richard adds, “This community is our family. We’ve been here so long that people are more than just community members, they’re our friends and our family.”

Deputy Copeland shares, “You want to go out, and you want to make sure people are doing well, and you want to make sure that people are getting to the places they need to go.”

He says even though the murder case is what’s getting the most attention, there’s so much more to a career with the Sheriff’s Department, and he’s proud of it.

McLean County is about to add a new K-9 to the force to help out.
Washburn bar and grill, Captain’s Cabin is hosting a fundraiser this Friday from 5 to 7 to help them reach that goal.