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Now that your plants and flowers are in the ground.
There’s one last thing you can do to add curb appeal while adding protection in this week’s Plant Talk.

KEVIN: I’m finishing up a bed that I started last fall. It’s a nice little perennial garden. We had a great rain last night so luckily I had some of those plants planted, and I’m gonna get the mulch on.

I like to use some of the shredded mulches.
This is a western red-cedar.
They stand up a lot better in the wind, as far as drifting away.
So take a look at that soil moisture in that soil, it’s gonna make it so much easier for the transplant shock on these.

You’ll also notice I like to use a lot of field stone within my beds. I actually just incorporate that mulch right in the crevices here. The other thing I really emphasize to customers that we have is always introduce some contouring into your landscape beds where you get some peaks and valleys. It just adds so much more interest.

A lot of people also use poly, or the fabric under their mulch or rock beds I choose not to. I just make sure I stay on top of my weed control.

We’ll finish this bed up a little bit later. I wanted to show you a little winter injury on one of my shrubs.

Each spring we recommend patience for a lot of the shrubs. A week ago, I thought this thing was a goner. Once we get it clipped back, it’s gonna come back and be a beautiful shrub this year. As always, thank you for watching Plant Talk. We’ll see you again next week.

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