Vouchers Available For Families Dealing With Autism

Bismarck – There’s good news for poverty stricken families trying to raise a child with autism.

The North Dakota Department of Human Services is reminding families they can now apply for the department’s Autism Voucher Program.

The vouchers help families– struggling financially, by paying for things like respite care, caregiver training, and a wide variety of other support services.

To qualify, families can’t exceed 200-percent of the federal poverty level, or have a child currently receiving services through Medicaid.

KX News talked to the department, and they tell us using the vouchers are relatively easy.

“Once they get the voucher and they get a form that says, please fill out what you’d like to be purchasing with the voucher, they also have to work with the professional that’s working with their child and find items that have worked well in therapy, to bring it into the home, so if weighted blanket works well during the therapy session then we’d purchase that for the home as well”, said Katherine Barchenger: Autism Services Administrator for the North Dakota Department of Human Services.

Last year the average voucher was nearly four-thousand dollars per child.

The department can accept 53 children per year on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply, families must complete the application at https://www.nd.gov/eforms/Doc/sfn60611.pdf or by contacting the North Dakota Department of Human Services at 701-328-4630.

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