Depending on which source you consult, Watford City has the distinction of being either North Dakota’s most charming city or one of the state’s most dangerous cities.

How can this small town of roughly 6,500 be both charming and dangerous?

Is part of the charm its danger?

Or is Watford City dangerously charming?

It all depends on the research and the stats. Hint: You can make a claim about almost anything and find the statistics or testimonials to interpret and back up the claim.

“Most Charming Town.” This title was conferred by the Microsoft News Network (MSN).

In a slideshow titled, “The Most Charming Towns In Every State,” it appears MSN relied more on departments of tourism and convention and visitor’s bureaus in each state to identify the the town that charmed the most.

Far from scientific or relying on statistics, this category seems to be more anecdotal in nature.

You can view the complete slideshow here.

“Most Dangerous Town.” This comes from numbers collected, analyzed and collated by RoadSnacks, part of the HomeSnacks web services company. Its goal: “We aim to deliver bite-sized pieces of infotainment about where you live,” the website notes.

RoadSnacks relied on FBI crime data — violent crimes per 100,000 and property crimes per 100,000 — to compile a top ten list of the most dangerous cities in North Dakota.

Watford city came in 10th on the list.

You can view the complete list of dangerous North Dakota cities and how they made that determination here.