WEB EXTRA: “Homeless” presidential candidate campaigns in Bismarck


Ken Armstrong is running for President as a Libertarian Candidate in 2020. He brings more than 40 years of military and government service to his campaign. 

He and his wife Dawn live on a small fixed income. He launched his presidential campaign in May, choosing to become essentially homeless, living out of their car and staying in budget hotels. Their goal: travel the country and visit with as many people as possible. They travel with their dog Duke, a twelve-year-old black Lab, and a German shepherd mix.

Their firsthand experience with homelessness and poverty in Mexico and Guatemala the last 3 years is what drives this unique campaign approach in the United States. 
Their campaign serves two purposes. “We’re really in it to win it,” said Dawn Armstrong. “It wouldn’t be honest to ask people for their support if we weren’t serious about the campaign.” 

But they are just as interested in hearing the voices of real Americans as they are in telling people what they think. They talk with homeless people, business leaders, and “just normal, everyday people,” Ken Armstrong says, as they travel from town to town. 
Ken Armstrong says he was moved to step off the sidelines and back into politics because of the lack of respect and civility in politics and public conversation. 

“We can’t answer everyone’s questions in a tweet,” he says. “Sometimes it takes hard work and listening. It took us a long time to get ourselves into the problems we have, and it will be a complicated process to get ourselves out. We can’t do that by throwing stones at each other.”
Armstrong says, “Good government isn’t about getting our way on everything. There’s actually a healthy equilibrium where all Americans’ voices are heard and their interests are represented. So good government looks more like the people than just the ideals of one leader.” 

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