Back to School: New software to help parents and school staff

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School districts around our state, including Bismarck Public Schools, are switching over to new software that might make your life a little easier.

The new software is called GuideK12. It helps school districts visualize data, run scenarios and make informed decisions.

If you’re a parent, GuideK12 will also make it easier to find which schools are assigned to your home address. It will even show parents what types of transportation are available at your home.

Bismarck Schools Business and Operations Manager Darin Scherr says, “When you get into the planning piece for school district personnel to really analyze and move boundaries around and look where new schools should go, and watch growth because you can really see all that and it’s very powerful. We really like what GuideK12 will do for our district.”

Scherr says he thinks it will be seen in even more school districts in the upcoming years.

“I think you get to a point with your school district where you need some type of spatial analysis software, so I think it’s going to grow across our districts and as districts become larger — Mandan, Jamestown, Dickinson, and Minot to grow. We are all growing and you need that software to help manage your district,” Scherr says.

He adds this will also make his job a little easier, because principals and superintendents can get all these analytics from this software to help better their schools individually.

Mandan and Minot also have software that helps with finding the right school and bus stops as well.

Fargo School Districts have also switched to GuideK12.

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