Believe it or not spring sports are just getting started and preparing for their fist games of the season, whenever mother nature will allow them to.

Like many teams in our state, the Garrison Troopers are having to prep for the diamond in their high school gym.

After graduating two key seniors, this young Garrison baseball team is coming off a tremendous American Legion season and look to make a name for themselves this spring.

With the uncertainty of when the snow will stop, many teams turn to their school gym as an alternative practice facility, to work on the fundamentals.

“Right now, we don’t know what to expect. Next week we might get ten inches of snow, so we’re really focused right now on just building a solid foundation in all three aspects of the game,” said Garrison Head Coach Luke Gehring.

“We got a lot of potential, we have so much potential, going through multiple years coming up from the younger kids too. I feel that we’re going to do pretty good this year,” added Troopers Sophomore, Treyson Iglehart.

The Troopers starting nine will be very young, only having one senior on the entire roster.

Even with a young and somewhat inexperienced roster, Garrison feels confident in their coaching and preseason training.

“There’s definitely good days but we’ve had some growing pains early on. A lot of these younger kids haven’t played much baseball, so they’re new to a lot of this stuff, they’re just getting their feet wet and the process has obviously been a little bit slower but the older guys, I’m proud of how patient they’ve really been with these younger guys as we’re moving along early in the season,” stated Gehring.

One aspect of Garrisons game that Coach Gehring is positive will shine come mid April, is their pitching.

“As far as pitching goes we have four guys that have thrown a lot of innings, Babe Ruth and Legion, so, we’re really going to rely on our pitching and then hopefully our fielding comes along as the year progresses. Like I said right now we’re so focused on fundamentals and teaching proper mechanics,” said Gehring.

The first pitch of the season for the Troopers is set for April 11 against Surrey.