Within just four months, a Minot family has suffered the unexpected loss of two sons. Now, others in the area are stepping up to lend a hand.

“My heart just hurt for them,” said Jenny Benton, community member.

Benton is talking about the Fenner family.

Michael Fenner died in May just two days before his high school graduation.

His brother, Nicholis, died just a couple of weeks ago.

That’s when Benton made a Facebook post asking what she can do to help them out.

“I’m a mom. I couldn’t imagine burying one child, let alone two in a matter of four months. I just hurt for them,” Benton said.

After seeing the post, a local bakery is now involved.

Bearscat Bakehouse in Minot is donating $5 of every dozen donuts sold to the Fenner family.

The general manager says it’s been heartwarming to see people get involved.

“I like to see the togetherness, the helping each other out. It’s amazing to see how many people turn out for things like this because they want to help other people,” said Jessica Armstrong, general manager at Bearscat Bakehouse.

“It’s pretty amazing that if somebody needs something, you know, that we can be there for them,” Benton said.

Armstrong says she’s talked to the family and they say this means so much.

“They’re going through a real tough time, but they are very thankful for everything that everybody has done,” Armstrong.

The fundraiser runs through Wednesday.

There is also a trust fund set up for Nicholis’ daughter, Paislee, at Gate City Bank in Minot.