Lace up your skates and if you don’t have any, that’s OK!

A roller derby league in the capital city wants to help you get a pair.

The BisMan Bombshellz are having so much fun now they can skate again, they want to share it with everyone. And they just announced roller skate rentals are making a comeback.

The Bisman Bombshellz have been skating in the community for 10 years now. But, when the pandemic hit, just like a lot of things, they had to stop until just a few months ago. Now they want others to join in on the fun.

Rena “Anthrax” Mehlhoff, president of the BisMan Bombshellz says, “All of us love roller skating so we wanted to share that with the community that we’re in. We know that there’s an interest in the community for roller skating. That’s why we wanted to do the matching grant in the first place to be able to offer this to a larger group of people.”

The plan is to purchase 50 nylon quad skates with the help of a matching grant from Bismarck Parks and Rec. With additional funding, they hope to have more skates for folks by the summer.

Mehlhoff says, “Normally we’ve done the roller rink nights at Capital Ice Complex or VFW sports center so hopefully in the summer we’ll do the same.”

They’re still looking for a location to host open skate nights next winter. And who knows, maybe from attending one of the nights, you’ll end up on the team, just like “Pammy Wammy”.

Pamela “Pammy Wammy” Froelich, blocker for the Bombshellz says, “I actually didn’t hear about them before I went on a roller skating night. So I was just skating there with my son and one of the girls who are there were like ‘Hey would you like to come to a practice’ and I’m like ok. I didn’t know what I was getting into but I knew I loved to skate.”

Both Froelich and Ashley Messner, or “Honey Basher” as she’s known in the rink, are teachers during the day, but by night, they get to let off a little steam.

Messner says, “I love that it’s one or two nights a week that’s just for me because I have family and all I know is on Wednesday nights I’m gonna go and this is Mommy’s time.”

As part of the Women’s Flat Track Association, the team has a seven-tier process to go through before competing again due to coronavirus restrictions.

Mehlhoff says, “We are currently sitting at tier four and that’s in relation to the positivity rate of your region. So right now we can practice together, we can have some minimal contact. But yea, we’re back practicing…no games yet. “

For information on how to help the Bombshellz get more roller skates go here.