Blending a family can sometimes feel like mixing oil and water, and many families are taken by surprise by the challenges it presents.

Being a stepmom isn’t always easy. The life of a blended family requires some adjustment. So two ladies from Bismarck decide to start a Facebook support group to help connect other stepmoms.

Kristen Brown and her longtime friend Krystal Wrolstad have both been stepmoms for 6 years. Brown says stepmoms have a unique role that can be hard at times. So she and her friends started a group called “Bismarck Area Stepmoms”. It’s a place for women with blended families to connect, provide resources, and find a supportive ear.

“It’s a very rewarding thing to be a support for a kid’s life which a lot of people have that opportunity but this is a unique way,” says Brown.

Kristen tells KX News she has two children of her own and one stepson who’s 11. And if you’re a stepmom in the area looking to connect, you’re in luck. She says she’s hosting a Step Mom Social at Inspire Family Fellowship

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