A group of students from Sunrise Elementary in Bismarck wanted to show their appreciation for the first responders who have done so much to help during the pandemic.

Sunrise Elementary says student body president Millena Teigan says, “This project, starting from the beginning, we asked everyone what they wanted to for Kindness Week and a lot of kids really wanted to do a first responder project.”

And since Kindness Week was during the week of Valentine’s Day they made cards to show police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and medical professionals that they’re loved too.

Sunrise Elementary School Counselor Linda Anderson says, “This has been a very unusual year for them and the students and they appreciate that the first responders are out there actually thinking more about them than they are about themselves and their own safety.”

She says something they talk about a lot at Sunrise is caring about other people’s feelings
and when they put it into action it means so much more.

Their message to all the first responder superheroes?

Sunrise 4th grader Emersen Bless says, “Thank you for helping everyone in our world and thank you for being so helpful to everyone and you are great people.”

Millena adds, “Like they’re putting their lives first… before us.”

Sunrise 5th grader Lilly Rue says, “You have done a lot for our community and I am so happy that we have people who care that much about us.”

Sunrise 5th grader Aiden Zander says, “They’re doing the right thing. They’re not scared to do anything.”

5th grader Augustine Mulbath adds, “They’ve been saving many many lives and they’re heroes in my heart.”

5th grader Kendall Jones says, “It’s pretty insane how they take time time out of their own day to help other people and their problems when others might just leave it.”

Some recipients of the cards were medical staff from a Sanford Health Clinic. They have a message for the students too.

Sanford RN Care Manager Kalcy Schneider says, “I would just like to say thank you to any of you who did these cards for us. We love them. I love looking at them every single day. They’re so brightening and we enjoy looking at them.”

Sanford Nurse Practitioner Katie Stensgard says, “They meant a lot to us and we appreciate it. All of us in the clinic have really appreciated it. Thank you so much for your kindness.”

The students made 450 cards for first responders around the Bismarck area.