With social distancing guidelines, there are not a whole lot of first dates happening right now. Well, one North Dakota man has decided to get a little creative with how he spends his time.

Matthew Wurnig, a 23-year-old from Bismarck, decided he’d like to get 50 dates in all 50 states. He uses a dating app that’s able to match him to ladies across the U.S. in hopes to go on a virtual date.
Wurnig says every date is different and loves hearing stories about their lives during quarantine.

“How cool would it be right now if I tried to match with a girl from every state, talk to them and just see what it’s like there, how their life is,” said Wurnig.

Wurnig says he plans to keep in touch with the lucky ladies after the quarantine has ended. To follow his dating adventures go here.