School isn’t scheduled to resume until late August, but school leaders are now sharing their response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new recommendations for schools.

The CDC says it is not necessary for fully vaccinated students and teachers to wear masks. Vaccinations are only available for children at least 12 years old, resulting in some students left unvaccinated.

Both Wilton and Bismarck Public School District officials say their schools are safe for students and teachers to uncover their faces while resuming in-person learning, but students will continue practicing good hygiene.

“We don’t have cases around here anymore. We are splitting a few classes just to keep them down. I honestly have no reservations about starting the year as we would typically,” said Andrew Jordan, Wilton County Public Schools superintendent.

“We have some safety protocols in place and we’re still refining those and what those look like in school and can we keep the kids safe,” said Dr. Jason Hornbacher, Bismarck Public Schools superintendent.

We also reached out to Mandan Public Schools, and they say the district will continue its policy of students and teachers not required to wear a mask unless it’s required by the school board.