Boys HS Soccer: Dickinson talks about obstacles of starting a new program


This is the first season that Dickinson will field a soccer team and while they will only compete at the Junior Varsity level. This is an exciting chance for Dickinson alum and head coach Jeremy Schmitt, but it also comes with challenges.

On a soccer field not too far from Dickinson High history is being made. That’s because soccer is finally in the Badlands, something that head coach Jeremy Schmitt has been dreaming about for a long time.

“You know to be able to come back as the first coach now, as to be the first person to graduate and now be the first coach is pretty exciting,” says Head Coach Jeremy Schmitt.

Schmitt was the first person to graduate from Dickinson High and go onto play collegiate soccer. That experience, he hopes, is helpful to his players some with and some without soccer experience.

“We’ve got a good group of guys,” says Goalkeeper Jevon Kriedt. “They all want to work hard. We have young guys, and we have high schoolers, middle schoolers out here. So it’s a good group of guys, good diversity, and I think we’re all getting to know each other very well.”

Jevon is one of those players diving into the sport. Tatenda Karemba, however, is very experienced as a leader on the field players will look towards his leadership which it comes time for the regular season.

“Reminding them to stay focused,” Senior Tatenda Karemba says. “Staying out of trouble, and to stay in shape and stay healthy.”

It will be a big learning curve for the Dickinson Midgets this season, but with an aggressive style adopted in 2019. Schmitt is looking to make noise in his first year.

“I keep reverting back to this blue-collar mentality,” Schmitt says. “And that’s what a blue-collar kind of a guy does. He does everything. He’s not specific to one thing. He’s going everywhere and doing everything and that’s what we’ve really stressed on these kids.”

Despite only fielding a JV team, Dickinson’s first-ever game is scheduled for this Saturday against Jamestown at the East-West Crossover.

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