Celebrating 108 years of Makoti, ND


43.2 miles southwest of Minot, you’ll find a small town named after the largest kind of earthen lodge.

Welcome to the City of Makoti, as the locals would say.

It’s just one of many places that popped up thanks to that railroad leading from Max to Plaza.

“We had a business, here, when we first were married. We had a locker plant and a butcher shop, and my husband was a master electrician,” says Joleen Hauff, Long-time Makoti Resident.

That was back in the 50’s, about a half a century after the Soo Line Railroad Company completed the tracks leading through town.

Charles Mulligan moved-in back in the late 90’s and calls himself a Makoti Transplant.

Like the Hauffs, he’s helped the town grow. 

“The park was one of my favorite things. Some of my relatives talked me into doing it, since I was retiring to just get it started…and we did get it started, Wanda and I, and the whole community jumped in and bought all these plants and trees and bushes and stuff,” says Charles Mulligan, Makoti “Transplant.”

Since then, the town has grown smaller as people have moved away or passed on.

But current residents aren’t giving up on the little city.

“My husband originally grew up here and we met, and lived, in Fargo for many years and just thought about where we wanted to raise a family and what was important to us and moved on out,” says Dar Huus, Makoti Mayor.

Updates are in the works for the town, including the addition of a water tower.

But it’s the people that make it great.

“We were an invisible dome of love and charity and honesty and safety and cleanliness and it’s a wonderful town,” says Mulligan.

A celebration of over 100 years as the City of Makoti.

If you’re looking to join-in on the Makoti lifestyle, there are some houses for sale that are ready for a new owner.

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