The discussion of race and equality has been at the forefront for the last two weeks. We know it’s a discussion in our homes, our workplace and across our communities.

Here at KX News, we embrace diversity and it matters to us, like we know it matters to many of you.

There are people in our communities fighting to make a difference. That’s why we’ve created Change Makers, a series of local stories that will look at those working for progress.

To begin our series, a group in Minot are banding together to push positivity.

Participant Allen Anderson said, “If you turn on the news right now it’s a whole bunch of rioting and chaos and just crime going on right now.”

George Floyd’s death on May 25 has sparked protest and rage world-wide. Since the incident, Black Lives Matter awareness protests have seemingly increased around the country, and even in small communities like Rugby.

In Minot, a few men are adding their voice to the cause.

“We decided a bunch of men from all different walks of life, all different ethnicities, all different races coming together and doing what we feel and believe and that’s dressing up in nice suits, staying positive and executing excellence in everything that we do,” Creator Gabriel Mejia said.

Mejia says their ultimate goal though is to eliminate stereotypes that people tend to have on men of color, and group members believe it needs to start when you’re young.

“I just want them to have a positive image to look up to and see that with all the stereotypes and everything that that’s not all we can be, we can be so much more,” participant Mihon Allen said.

“If they can look at this as a more positive thing it can help change the world” Anderson said.

Every Sunday, the group plans to meet outside the Ward County Sheriff’s Office with the ambition to serve and be leaders in the community as best as possible and hopefully encourage others to join in along the way.

“The future of this is everybody coming together, it doesn’t matter what background you came from, what different walks of life, what different challenges you may have endured. It’s just coming together to really just share a positive mindset.” Meija said.

So far 10 are committed, but they hope those numbers will rise as the movement grows.

The guys in the group encourage any male figures in or around Minot to join in by clicking here and leaving a message.