Community helps bring new playground to school


Teachers are gearing up to start school next week, but students at one elementary school will have a big surprise when they return.

It all started with a video, and now kids at Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary will have some new*equipment to enjoy during recess.

“I looked online for different grant opportunities and came across this one and it was about the beginning of May that I ran across it and the deadline was May 10th so we got to work.” says Sue Kranz.

The grant required a video be made and Sue turned to the parents of her students to make it all possible.

“It had to include both students and faculty or community members and just show the need we had for the playground and why.” she adds.

With 400 students in the school, the existing equipment just wasn’t enough and was not the safest.

Sue says, “The swing set we had was about 50 years old and it didn’t met the safety requirements so that’s kind of the platform we took.”

After they won the grant it was a requirement to get members of the community to help build it.

“The school put out an email asking for volunteers to help put up the playground and my kids go to school here and my wife asked me if I could help an get a few guys to help out too.” says parent and volunteer Anthony Kaup.

Anthony says when he asked his fellow Airmen they didn’t think twice about joining in on the project.

He says “I asked the flight leadership around base that I use to work with and they gave me volunteers and I could of got more if needed but they jumped on the opportunity to help.

With the summer coming to an end and school getting ready to start, getting up for school may be little easier for students next week.

Kids will find a new tire swing, a new swing set, and more than just one slide. It should all be ready for students when school starts next week.

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