Years ago, Sarah Brosseau was a ski instructor in Montana. Now she is helping animals as the resident veterinary technician at Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

Brosseau has always had animals in her life. From a young age, she participated in 4-H and quickly discovered her love for all animals. She says helping animals medically was always of interest to her, and she was eager to learn more; that is how she found her love for helping shelter pets.

“I did a lot of spay and neuter clinics and vaccine clinics in low-income or under-served areas. And I found that I really had a passion for that. So, that kind of put me on the right track to working in shelter medicine, and do what I can with my knowledge to help something that might not have gotten it before,” Brosseau said.

Brosseau has been at Souris Valley Animal Shelter since October and loves coming to work each day to help animals find their forever home. Brosseau comes in and checks on each animal, making sure all of them are doing OK physically. She also helps with the cleaning of the facility along with feeding.

Brosseau’s most recent patients at the shelter are four kittens. Upon medical checkup, it was discovered two of the cats had umbilical hernias, for which surgery is needed to repair. Brosseau says there are different ways community members can help the cats adjust to life after the shelter.

No matter what Brosseau encounters each day she walks through the shelter’s doors, she says the best thing about her job is the relationship she builds with the animals.

“We do get a lot of animals here, but those animals become our animals. They know us, they see us, we learn their behaviors and we learn their personalities,” Brosseau said.

For more information about how you can help out Souris Valley Animal Shelter, click HERE.