Do something nice, it’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day!


February 17 marks National Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day dedicated to making that extra effort to do something nice for someone.

Big or small, those acts of kindness go a long way.

Whether it’s something as simple as holding the door open for someone, or that especially nice gesture when the person in front of you at the drive-thru pays for your coffee, it all adds up and makes the world a better place.

North Dakota is known for it’s ‘North Dakota Nice’ people, and it’s for good reason!
KX News asked people what nice things they’ve had strangers do for them.

Kathy Hoaglund said “When you’re stuck and it’s snowing and stuff, people will come and help you out. I’ve had that happen already, so.”

Alan Eide had a similar experience but from the other end. “Actually the other day I helped a guy, I was driving up a gravel road and the guy was stuck in the prairie trail so I just went up and pulled him out, and he couldn’t have been more thankful for it.”

“I’m not from this area and everybody here has just been very polite to me and helpful if I have any questions,” said Daniel Garza. “I don’t have a great example of someone buying my food, but I’ve just been very appreciative of people in this region.”

Joshua Duncan recalled an especially helpful act of kindness, “Somebody gave me 20 dollars for gas one time when I left my wallet at home.”

“I can’t walk by myself very far,” Carl Rundberg said, “and I have lots of people opening doors, once in a while helping me up off of the floor when I’ve knelt down and I can’t get back up.”

Garza added, “You have to think about how you’d like to be treated in any situation, right? If you’re in a new area like me or if you’re out just having a tough day, any small act of kindness could really change your perspective on your whole day, all in how you treat other people.”

So if you get the chance today, or any day, do something nice for someone. You never know just how much it can mean.

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