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Do you have preexisting health conditions? Talk to your doctor before getting the COVID-19 vaccine


The CDC has updated its recommendations on the COVID-19 vaccine, now saying that it’s safe for people with certain pre-existing conditions to receive it.

Although the vast majority of people are in the clear to receive the shot, in some cases, you should check with your doctor first.

Back in 2019, we shared the story of James Henderson who suffered from a stroke and did not know it. Before that, in 2017, he also received a new kidney.

“The medication is used to suppress your immune system so that the body doesn’t reject the transplant,” said Henderson.

And with a suppressed immune system, Henderson says his risk of a severe case of COVID-19 is much higher.

He added, “I don’t have the ability to fight, physically, the virus.”

So when the COVID-19 vaccine began to roll out, he had questions. Doctors at Mayo Clinic told him, in his case, it was safe to take the vaccine, as long as his body didn’t try to reject his kidney within the last three months.

“Right now it’s early in the vaccination process and there are some unknowns,” said Dr. Josh Reiner.

He says those with certain conditions that haven’t been cleared by the CDC, like multiple sclerosis, lupus or recent organ recipients, should consult their doctor before taking the vaccine.

“They have very well been able to test this vaccine with many of our most common disease conditions, but they haven’t had the chance to test the vaccine with every disease,” added Reiner.

Henderson says now that he has the all-clear from his doctor, he feels more comfortable about taking the vaccine. Until the time comes for him to receive it, he will continue to do what it takes to protect himself from contracting the virus.

The CDC says when talking to your doctor, you should also discuss which vaccine best suits you.

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