Berthold Chief of Police: Drug increases causing burglary increases


Any time of day — your home and loved ones could be at risk of a home invasion.

Even in a state as safe as North Dakota, burglary still awaits, but something as simple as locking your doors…could keep the burglars away

We spoke with Al Schmidt, Chief of Police for Berthold and Carpio, and he said this. “We do have a safer place to live than–than a lot of parts in the country. But right now, burglaries and robberies are probably at an all time high because heroin and methamphetamine, other drugs, are kind of infesting our area.”

Drugs bring an addiction that is hard to defeat, and without money, leave addicts with nothing else but to steal.

Al Schmidt also said, “These people that are involved in that kind of lifestyle they don’t have the money to purchase their narcotics to keep their habit going.”

Schmidt says although these things happen, there are still ways to protect you and your family from an invasion.

“Make sure that, you know, your windows and doors are locked. It’s good to have a solid door, because most burglars will come to the front door and they’ll– if it’s a nice glass decorated door they can look right in, and look for movement, look for shadows. And, if they don’t see anything like that they’ll be more than likely to come in.” Schmidt says.

Finally, getting acquainted with your neighbors can help when you leave home and Schmidt says, NOT to hesitate to call police if you notice unfamiliar activity in your community.

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