Vinyl Taco employees in Fargo walked out yesterday in protest of their working conditions, and they continue to stand their ground tonight.

Krissee Grosso, a server at the restaurant for nearly two years, is among them. She claims that following the reopening on May 1st, most of the safety measures they were promised would be implemented, weren’t.

This includes CDC approved PPE, enough time to appropriately sanitize areas between guests, and a definitive plan of action as to what would happen if an employee tested positive.

“We’re not doing this just to not work. We love the people that we work with. We consider each other family. So, all we want is to work in a safe working condition,” Grosso shared.

Grosso says they want a public statement from Vinyl Taco stating they will follow their desired safety guidelines.

Vinyl Taco has not responded to our request for comment today.